Flag Retirement

Flag Retirement

Three generations come together to pay final respects to Old Glory by honorably burning worn and weathered stars-and-stripes. (Spokesman-Review)

What might have been a ho-hum community news assignment in other hands is presented in a thoughtful, reverent manner in this beautifully composed Spokesman-Review video from Flag Day, 2007. Members of the American Legion Post 52, Boys Scout Troop 477 and about two dozen onlookers gather in a field to perform the burning ceremony required to retire an American flag properly.

The video uses multiple perspectives to capture details of the event as the day fades into twilight and 50 worn, torn and weathered flags are carefully committed to a crackling bonfire and saluted by solemn Boys Scouts. Participants, young and old, speak about their feelings regarding their country, and are moved by the symbolic power of flags “worn out in worthy service.” It’s a moving moment when taps are played and a scout leader, clutching a child, sings “America the Beautiful” in a lilting voice.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 3:45

Video/narration/production by Colin Mulvany