Finding Their Way

Finding Their Way

Being blind is not a hindrance to computer instructor Jason Fayre. He hopes it will not be for his blind son, who was adopted from India, either. (Denver Post)

Lalena Fayre always wanted to be a mom, but she and her husband Jason, who is blind, were unable to conceive. They chose to adopt Pandu, a blind boy from an orphanage in India, who they could offer a better life than the disabled child would have had in his home country. Pandu’s problems were severe, including a golf ball-size tumor in his eye socket as well as a condition that resulted in malformed eyes. At almost 6, he had limited language skills, could not feed himself, and was still in diapers. Six months later, loving care had helped Pandu to make tremendous progress, but not without pain.

This Denver Post audio slideshow doesn’t sugar coat the Fayre’s experience. Black-and-white images show Pandu and his new parents in tender moments as well as in times of frustration and doubt. When Pandu acts out, Lalena says that she has to remind herself that she’s dealing with a “scared little boy.” Jason shares the experience of being blind, which he considers an advantage in dealing with Pandu’s disability. Both parents delight in introducing Pandu to new experiences, and strive to provide a “normal” future for their son.

CHANNEL: Denver Post

Length: 3:40

Photos and audio by Matt McClain
Produced by Matt McClain and Judy DeHaas