Filmmaker in Residence

Filmmaker in Residence

The inner workings of health-care programs at a Canadian urban hospital, as portrayed by a filmmaker-in-residence.

This is a collaborative effort between the National Film Board of Canada and St. Michael’s Hospital of Toronto, through the creation of a filmmaker-in-residence program, an innovative arrangement. The partnership between a storyteller and a large municipal institution could spur others to forge similar alliances in other cities.

Filmmaker Katerina Cizek shows aspects of the hospital’s work inside the building, out in the community through a mobile crisis intervention unit, and also work the hospital supports to help villagers with AIDS/HIV in
Malawi. The site shows six projects and conveys a lot or information about this pilot project, emphasizing inner-city health care.

Though it takes a while to understand how the site works, this non-linear project provides a unique way to see the internal operations of a hospital and a documentary feel of being there as the action unwinds.

Photography – Katerina Ciek