Filling the Gap

Some people began lining up 12 hours before the 5 a.m. opening of the free dental clinic. For the third year in a row, the Colorado Dental Association sponsored the two-day clinic known as the “Colorado Mission of Mercy.”

Close to half of all Coloradans have no dental insurance and the free clinic helps to fill a much needed gap in care. In the course of two days, dentists, hygienists, assistants and others donate their services to over 1,500 patients totaling around $1 million in dental care.

Twelve states now participate in the Mission of Mercy clinics. The AARP visited the Colorado clinic for this video, interviewing organizers, dentists and grateful patients.

David Hathaway, a patient who had two root canals, an extraction, a filling and a cleaning all in one visit, enthusiastically expressed his gratitude saying he’d just had one of the best teeth cleanings in his life.


Length: 3:45

Video and Editing by Sonya Doctorian
Produced by Sonya Doctorian, Miranda Harple and Nicole Shea