Fighting for Success in South L.A.

Fighting for Success in South L.A.

A resurrected boxing gym provides young people positive values ... and a sweaty sanctuary from the streets.

Sauchsee Larkins and her father Melvin have turned things around at the Broadway Boxing Gym since purchasing it in late 2003. The gritty, no-frills gym, which was once the training ground for champs like Henry Tillman and Lamon Brewster, had fallen into decay. Its membership declined, and transients and substance abusers often gathered outside the two-story building . After its longtime owner lost a battle to bone cancer, the former beacon for world-class fighters nearly closed. But since its sale four years ago, the gym has grown in membership and become a sweaty sanctuary from south Los Angeles streets. Sauchsee says her primary goal is to give young people a place to learn the social skills and discipline that come with learning to box. This Los Angeles Times video takes the viewer into the Broadway Gym where you meet athletes, trainers and co-owner Sauchsee, who roams the gym, checking on everyone like a loving mother.

LENGTH: 2:12

Video and Reporting: Robert J. Lopez

Photographs: Michael Robinson Chavez