Fiddle Phenom Maggie Neatherlin

Fiddle Phenom Maggie Neatherlin

A 9-year-old musician takes center stage in Washington State's Old-Time Music community, even to her own parents' bemused amazement. (The Olympian)

Maggie Neatherlin started fiddle lessons when she was just 4 years old. At 9, she is already a star in her own right. She performs regularly around her hometown of Olympia, WA, and her name and reputation are growing in the Northwest’s Old-Time Music community.

Old-Time Music is a form of North American folk music from the Appalachian Mountains region. This enchanting video by the Olympian includes lots of live performance footage plus interviews with Maggie, her somewhat awestruck parents and her admiring music teacher.

The folk tradition is a living, breathing tradition in which musicians leave an imprint on the tunes they play, says music teacher Anthea Lawrence. “And I think Maggie is definitely imprinting her tunes.”

CHANNEL: The Olympian

Length: 5:31

Produced by Kathy Strauss and Tony Overman