Feline Dentistry

Feline Dentistry

When a 700-pound kitty gets a toothache, it takes a team of specialists to help him feel better. (Spokesman-Review)

Zamba is no ordinary cat. This 700-pound lion rules the roost at Cat Tales Zoological Park in Spokane, WA. So, when he developed a toothache recently, Zamba got pretty crabby.

Somehow, during the winter, the massive feline broke off two large teeth and zookeepers worried that without dental intervention, Zamba could develop an infection.

They put out the word that Zamba needed a root canal, and immediately got offers from 20 area dentists. Eventually a specialist with a portable root canal setup was chosen for the job.

This short video by the Spokesman-Review chronicles surgery day for Zamba. Interviews with a zookeeper, the dentists, and an interesting variety of shots and good use of voiceover make this an impressive daily story.

Of special note: Zamba’s pre-Cat Tales resume includes working as a Hollywood cat in movies, music videos and roaring for MGM studios.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 3:10

Video/Narration/Production by Colin Mulvany