Evidence of My Existence

Evidence of My Existence

This is a personal story about a globe-trotting photojournalist's evolution and self-discovery.

This is a personal story about a photojournalist’s evolution and self-discovery. Veteran US News & World Report photographer Jim Lo Scalzo starts as a committed photojournalist who travels and has the adventures that photographers fantasize about. Included are the array of accidents and diseases that often come with living, eating and traveling in exotic lands—and that make wonderful stories for people at home. However at his core, Lo Scalzo yearns to start a family. While details of this part of his life get passed over quickly, ultimately they are resolved with the birth of a son, who becomes Lo Scalzo’s priority.

Intimate, revealing story explores the thinking of a globe-trotting photojournalist. The accompanying pictures support the exciting life of this well-respected photographer.

Combining passages from his book with photographs, video, and Super-8 film, Evidence of My Existence brings to life a deeply personal account of 17 years spent moving from one new story to the next.

Photography, film, video created and produced by Jim Lo Scalzo

Executive Producer – Brian Storm

Length: 9:43