Eric Bressi on Being Elvis

Eric Bressi on Being Elvis

Yep, the King of Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well ... and spends his days entertaining in nursing homes. (AARP)

Eric Bressi had a tough childhood and a father who told him he’d never amount to anything. But his father couldn’t have been more wrong. Bressi used his looks and talents to become an impersonator, bringing joy to his fans the same way his idol, Elvis Presley, did.

These days Bressi spends most of his time entertaining for senior citizens or at charity events and he loves every minute of it. “It’s not about the jumpsuits, it’s not about the music, it’s about making those folks happy and that’s my goal in life.”

This AARP video was produced at the 2009 Eddie Adams Workshop with the original title, “Living the Life.” Named for its Pulitzer prize-winning founder, the workshop is an annual four-day gathering of top photojournalism professionals and 100 competitively selected students.


Length: 4:05

Photography, Audio and Video: Daniella Zalcman
Multimedia Producer: Steve Sapienza
Executive Producers: Rich Beckman, Tom Kennedy, Brian Storm