What has a blonde mohawk and a tongue that permanently hangs out one side of its mouth? Meet the World's Ugliest Dog!

What’s bowlegged, has pointy ears, a blonde mohawk, and a 3-inch tongue that permanently hangs out of one side of his mouth? Meet Elwood, winner of the coveted “World’s Ugliest Dog” award for 2007. With a remarkable resemblance to Yoda of “Star Wars” fame, this small, brown, splotchy dog grunts, wheezes and even has a children’s picture book dedicated to him. In this short but amusing video by the Courier-Post, Elwood’s adoring owner says the award is “not about being ugly, it’s about being special.” She says Elwood has been invited to appear at charity events all over the country and the money raised helps homeless and abused animals.

Length: 1:24

Video: Jose F. Moreno


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