Earthquake in China

Earthquake in China

Stark survival stories abound amidst the rubble of Sichuan Province's devastating 7.9 temblor that killed 60,000 and left millions homeless. Emmy nominee.(WP)

The 7.9 Sichuan Province earthquake in May 2008 killed at least 60,000 Chinese and left many millions homeless. In this series of videos, Washington Post videojournalist Travis Fox chronicles the agony of the survivors as they search for the bodies of loved ones and attempt to regroup in the earthquake’s aftermath. Parents search for their children in the staggering rubble just as an elderly couple seeks to survive amidst the chaotic conditions of a makeshift refugee camp. With Chinese soldiers proving wary of foreign journalists, Fox’s videos offer a stark and at times horrible glimpse into the numerous facets of this deadly disaster in the People’s Republic.

2009 Emmy nominee for News & Documentary

CHANNEL: Washington Post

Video by Travis Fox