Dumpster Diving in Seattle

Dumpster Diving in Seattle

Call it a sign of the times: Gleaning edible outcasts from outdoor garbage bins is a way of life for these urban dwellers. (IAM)

Dumpster diving is practiced everywhere these days. Some creative food gatherers have regular spots they check out every night, from the garbage bins behind the neighborhood grocery store to the dumpster in the parking lot of their favorite restaurant.

This video by Seattle IAM follows a couple of Seattle dumpster divers on their nocturnal forays for edible outcasts. They find loaves of bread, plastic-sealed vegetable trays, bread dough and unopened juice bottles, to name just a few items.

While the uninitiated may wrinkle their noses at the idea of collecting food from the garbage, one diver says he’s had food poisoning from restaurants but never gotten sick from eating out of a dumpster.

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Length: 3:04

Shot and Edited by Zelis Velez