Drumming for Dialogue

Drumming for Dialogue

Through direct discussions -- and drumming -- personal disputes are amicably settled outside of court at a community conference center. (WP)

In an effort to bring immediate and effective resolutions within their neighborhoods, the non-profit Community Conferencing Center in Baltimore is resolving lesser disputes through candid dialogue and discussion – and drum circles. “It is the way that we approach the conflict that is different,” says staff administrator Misty Fae. By facilitating discourse between the conflicted parties, the center’s method of justice is proving to be an effective alternative to a typically overwhelmed and under-resourced courts system.

This pair of Washington Post videos provide a sense of how the mediation is carried out in pursuit of more amicable solutions, and showcases program director David Williams’ method of incorporating drumming into teen discussion circles at schools as a way of formulating open dialogue among local youth. “I would love to see the community conferencing be a tool that shows the courts that there is a different way to solve conflicts,” he says.

CHANNEL: Washington Post

Length: 5:16

Videos by Whitney Shefte