Doug Smith’s Recovery

Doug Smith’s Recovery

A virtuoso pianist is slowly winning the rehab battle to perform once again after a truck accident left him paralyzed. (Texas Country Reporter)

Known as the “High Plains Pianist,” Doug Smith was featured in a 2004 video by the Texas Country Reporter, seemingly on the verge of fame. Four years later, he rolled his truck on a country road and suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. The story of his determination to recover and return to playing piano is a testament to the human spirit.

Smith says he never doubted he would play the piano again, even though doctors gave him no chance. As a result of his total commitment to working through painful rehab and help from modern science, he now is able to use some of the fingers of one hand and one finger of the other to play a lovely, melodic version of “Amazing Grace.”

Smith displays fortitude towards his cruel twist of fate. His “brutal truth” is that has left “arrogance and a lack of gratitude” behind, he says, and considers himself a better man today as a result of the accident.

CHANNEL: Texas Country Reporter

Length: 7:39

Narration: Bob Phillips
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