Choosing Thomas

Choosing Thomas

A Texas couple bravely faces the death of their infant son born with a fatal genetic disorder. (Dallas Morning News)

Twenty weeks into their first pregnancy, Deidrea and T.K. Laux learned that their unborn son had trisomy 13 – a rare DNA abnormality. If they survive birth at all, children with trisomy 13 are unable to live outside of the womb and usually die within a few hours or a few days.

This project by the Dallas Morning News is a personal view into the lives of a couple who knew there was no hope for a medical miracle but chose to see the pregnancy through and meet their son before his death.

Two days after he was born, Thomas Laux went home on hospice. Much of the video contains intimate moments of the couple at home with their newborn son.

As soon as his condition was diagnosed, termination became an option, but his parents never considered ending the pregnancy. They longed for the opportunity to meet and love their son, no matter how short the time.

The Lauxes opened up their lives for this project in hopes of helping other families facing infant loss and to encourage wider support for perinatal and pediatric hospice services in North Texas.

In addition to the video the project includes in-depth articles, excerpts from Deidrea’s personal diary and pediatric end-of-life resources.

CHANNEL: Dallas Morning News

Photography/Video by Sonya N. Hebert
Editing by Sonya N. Hebert, Ahna Hubnik & Brad Loper