St. Petersburg Times

The Future of the Florida Panther
It's the state animal, but there are only 100 left. Unless drastic measures are taken, their future is bleak. (St. Petersburg Times)
A Chance Encounter: Two Amputees
A 71-year-old man and a 7-year-old boy forge an unexpected friendship based on their experiences of losing a limb. (St. Petersburg Times)
Worm Harvesting with Iron and Wood
Gary Revell makes a living coaxing earthworms out of the ground using music as bait. (St. Petersburg Times)
Mack's Fishing Camp in the Everglades
Marshall and Keith Jones run a south Florida landmark that has been in the family for four generations. (St. Petersburg Times)
The Gator Symphony
Tuba players test the theory that the musical note B-flat can send alligators into mating-season ecstasy (St. Petersburg Times)
Clyde Butcher Photographs on Lake Kissimmee
A Florida legend documents the beauty of his state's wild places with a World War II-era camera. (St. Petersburg Times)
The Classy Bikini Bicyclist
Scantily clad Richard Irby, wearing only a headband and Speedo, wins fans in Florida's state capital city of Tallahassee. (St. Petersburg Times)
Maxed Out: Insured, But Not Covered
Faced with major health crises, even families with medical insurance can't afford the care they desperately need. Here are the tragic consequences. (St. Petersburg Times)
The Golden Hour
Rescue personnel race the clock to save a young man's life after a freak accident. (St. Petersburg Times)
Living on Havana's Edge
Cuba's economic crisis has caused squatter communities to pop up all around the nation's capital city. (St. Petersburg Times)