Spokesman Review

Feline Dentistry
When a 700-pound kitty gets a toothache, it takes a team of specialists to help him feel better. (Spokesman-Review)
Flag Retirement
Three generations come together to pay final respects to Old Glory by honorably burning worn and weathered stars-and-stripes. (Spokesman-Review)
Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
Severely injured and traumatized combat veterans find support at a four-day healing retreat. (Spokesman-Review)
In the Realm of Fairies
Hundreds gather to explore the fanciful world of nature spirits at an annual festival in Washington state. (Spokesman-Review)
Great Responsibility
A retired couple battled for custody of their four young great-grandchildren in foster care, and now struggle to raise them. (Spokesman-Review)
Warming the Homeless
When temperatures dip below 15 degrees, emergency shelters open their doors to the freezing homeless in Spokane, WA. (Spokesman-Review)
Stories to Learn By
Dan Conley is a grandfather figure who entertains elementary school kids by spinning tales from his own life. (Spokesman-Review)
Flying Trikes
Take to the skies in a new sport called aerotrekking with pilot Denny Reed.
Playing Army Guy
Paintball enthusiasts say their sport is about adrenaline rushes and having fun -- and only hurts for a little while.
Saving Salish
A teacher hopes to keep a disappearing Native American language alive by passing it along to community members and students in Spokane.