San Jose Mercury News

Nisei Graduate
Seventy years after being sent to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, Bessie Kawachi Chin, 87, receives an honorary college degree. (SJMN)
Honoring Jeramy
Since he was killed in Iraq in 2004, three children have been named after this beloved friend and family member. (San Jose Mercury News)
Caring For Ella
A family embraces the short time they have with their baby born with trisomy 18, a fatal genetic disorder. (SJMN)
Recession: Through Their Eyes
Part cheerleaders, part therapists, these professionals view tough economic times from the perspectives of their clients. (SJMN)
Prison Overcrowding
Inside look at California's dangerously cramped correctional facilities, forcing judges to set inmates free. (San Jose Mercury News)
Disabled in Vietnam
Software engineer Do Van Du, crippled as a teen while helping U.S. forces in Vietnam, returns to his homeland to train disabled high-tech students. (SJMN)
Losing Keith, Keeping Faith
A chaplain who ministers to veterans mourns the loss of her son, who committed suicide in Iraq. (San Jose Mercury News)
From Baghdad to San Jose
A former Iraqi interpreter for the U.S. military and his family relocate to the safe haven of Silicon Valley, where they struggle to make ends meet. (SJMN)
The Chance to Break Free
A group of successful Indo-American tech execs in Silicon Valley provide scholarships to poor students in India. (San Jose Mercury News)
Left Behind
Despite its explosive economic growth, India is now home to one-third of the world's poor, and extreme poverty is still a daily reality for millions.