San Francisco Chronicle

Napa Valley's Yodelmeister
Alan Arnopole entertains customers with his wine-vat yodel and wine-themed comedy routine at a vineyard tasting room. (SF Chronicle)
Air Guitar Champ
Alex Koll, 31, goes head-to-head with other non-instrument wielding shred masters. What's his secret strategy? (SF Chronicle)
My Two Dads
Proud daughter Kiki Walker Valenzuela, 7, reflects on having two dads and their recent marriage to each other. (SF Chronicle)
Synchronized Swimmers Learn Circus Tricks
U.S. synchronized swimming team members strive for Olympics gold in Beijing with routines they've developed at a school for circus acrobats.
Hospice Lifts Spirits at Happy Hour
If you were to walk into Laguna Honda Hospital's hospice late on a Friday afternoon, you might mistake it for your local bar at happy hour.
Power of  Zenn:  Life in the Slow Lane
The number one Zenn electric car dealer is Green Motors in Berkeley. Zenn? "Zero Emission, No Noise." And only $16,000.
Aboard U.S. Flying Hospital
Air crews fly weekly missions to bring combat-wounded soldiers from Afghanistan or Iraq to Germany, and then to hospitals in the U.S.