National Geographic

Ninja Woman
Extreme martial artist Mindy Kelly pits her contortionist dexterity against one of modern technology's best laser-beam security systems. (National Geographic)
Enduring Voices Expedition
Two scientists travel the globe on a mission to preserve endangered languages and cultures before they are lost forever. (National Geographic)
Bull Penis
In Taiwan, a famous chef prepares an exotic and taboo dinner treat. Is it really an aphrodisiac? (National Geographic)
Arab Christians: The Forgotten Faithful
Followers of Jesus for 2,000 years are disappearing from the volatile land where their faith was born. (National Geographic)
Tiger Eye: Up Close and Personal
A celebrated wildlife photographer designs and uses motion-sensitive cameras to capture Bengal tigers in their natural habitat. (National Geographic)
India's Fast Lane to the Future
A new superhighway linking its four major cities is bringing old and new India into jarring proximity... for better and worse.
Searching for the Snow Leopard
Prizewinning photographer Steve Winter roams the upper altitudes of northern India in pursuit of the notoriously camera-shy feline. (National Geographic)
Bolivia's Women Wrestlers
In the wrestling rings of Bolivia, skirts fly as cholitas fight back. Hear a match and see female wrestlers strike their poses in a multimedia event.
Stonehenge Photosynth: 3-D Exploration
A new photo technology enables you to view an historic landmark like you've never experienced it before – part slideshow, part gaming experience.
Mending Broken Hearts
Multimedia package documents a heart transplant surgery, and examines issues pertaining to the worldwide epidemic of heart disease.