Pictures Of The Year International

Age of Uncertainty
Ambitious multi-faceted series tackles issues affecting the rapidly growing elderly population ... and who will care for them. (Roanoke Times)
Remember Me
In an award-winning audio slideshow, a family copes with a wife and mother's terminal cancer, prepares for life without her, and deals with the impact of her death.
Bloodline: AIDS and Family
Intimate look at the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic in Africa reminds us how tenuous our connection is to each other.
A New Dawn
Award-winning six-chapter audio black-and-white slideshow follows a young mother's three-year struggle with drugs.
Marlboro Marine
After a photographer makes a soldier's face an emblem of the Iraq war, the image changes both of their lives and connects them in ways neither imagined.
Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey
Hundreds of thousands cross the 753-mile border that separates Mexico from Guatemala and Belize, to begin a life-threatening 1,500-mile odyssey to the U.S.
Frank Sandoval: A Survival Story
Award-winning in-depth video coverage of the long rehabilitation process for a soldier who suffered severe brain trauma from a bomb in Iraq.
Gorilla Massacre
Award-winning video unravels the mystery and explains the significance of the cold-blooded killings of nearly extinct African mountain gorillas.
Evidence of My Existence
This is a personal story about a globe-trotting photojournalist's evolution and self-discovery.
Being a Black Man
An award-winning, in-depth multimedia package about what it means to be a black man in modern American society.