Pictures Of The Year International

Motel Manor: Suburban Homelessness
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: At a highway crossroads in Missouri, desperate families are each crammed into a single room with all of their belongings. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Second Chance
Award-winning series depicts six stories of individuals' struggles and triumphs as they face life's transitions. (NYT)
The Insights of Angels
Skin color is a non-issue for Abby Reinhardt, a little girl in Kentucky with an adopted sister and brother from Liberia.
A Boy's Struggles
A sexually abused boy and his mother recount the anguish they suffered at the hands of a trusted teacher when he was in kindergarten. (LAT)
His Body a Prison
Former nurse Spencer Sullivan copes with life after a tragic medical error left him a quadriplegic. (LAT)
Waiting for Death
Edwin Shneidman, a 90-year-old pioneer in suicide prevention, contemplates his own demise. (LAT)
Roping the Wind
Rural Texas farmer Cliff Etheredge saw an opportunity to cash in on a crop of the future that revived his dying town: wind power.
America's Battalion in Afghanistan
Loaded down with 100 pounds of gear in 126-degree heat, U.S. Marines fight their way through Helmand Province. (NPR)
Cutting Through the Competition
Alvin Stamper defends his four-time tobacco-chopping title in Kentucky, cutting and spearing nearly 1,500 stalks per hour. By hand. (POYi winner)
The Bottom Line
Chilling package of audio slideshows paints a grim commentary, in images and numbers, of poverty and inequity in Texas.