Carry On

Carry On

Two inseparable high school wrestlers, one nearly blind and one with no legs, discover the true meaning of friendship. (ESPN)

When he was 11-years old, Leroy Sutton had to have both of his legs amputated after being dragged under a train. Dartanyan Crockett was born with a condition that makes him legally blind. They didn’t meet until high school, but these two young men’s bond and connection is as strong as brothers.

Sutton and Crockett are powerhouses on their Cleveland, OH, high school wrestling team and are rarely seen apart. Crockett carries his 175-pound friend on his back to and from every match. They are practice partners, work out at the gym together and hang out at each other’s houses.

ESPN follows Sutton and Crockett around in this touching video about friendship and strength of character. While Sutton has virtually no lower body, he compensates on the wrestling mat with his low center of gravity. His tremendous upper body strength allows him to lift, flip and carry himself wherever he needs to go.

This polished video details how the two young men joyfully triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles , and benefit from each other’s support and friendship. It culminates in their high school graduation – a climactic scene that packs an extra emotional wallop.

In response to the overwhelming viewer feedback to this story, a trust fund was established to help both students pay for college expenses.


Length: 12:47

By Tom Rinaldi and Lisa Fenn