Cardinal Culture

Cardinal Culture

A one-day visual chronicle shows how passionately baseball fans in St. Louis are devoted to their hometown team. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

St. Louis Cardinal fans are as numerous and as varied as the baseball metaphors that pepper the English language. On any given game day, a river of red runs through the city.

Truly this is a town devoted to its team. If you don’t have a ticket, at least you can find a television to watch. From hospital maternity wards to fire stations, weddings, nursing homes, barber shops, wedding parties, and even convents, all eyes are on the game.

On a recent Saturday game day, The Post-Dispatch set out to chronicle the community’s support for their local team. The resulting story combines audio, video, still photographs, interviews and natural sound from a diverse pool of fans. In addition, the project contains ten short video profiles of some Cardinal fans introduced in the main story.

CHANNEL: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (

Length: 6:12

Production: Robert Cohen & Huy Mach
Photographers: David Carson, Robert Cohen, Stephanie Cordle, J.B. Forbes, Christian Gooden, Chris Lee, Erik M. Lunsford, Huy Mach, Dawn Majors, Emily Rasinski, Laurie Skrivan
Director of Photography: Larry Coyne
Executive Producer: Will Sullivan
Web Development: Brian Williamson
Editors: Gary Hairlson, Hillary Levin, Lynden Steele