Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

Dive into the world of real-life storytelling with these bites of wisdom presented by 38 of the genre's top filmmakers from 14 countries. (NFB)

What is a documentary film? Does it represent truth? Why make a documentary? Why do people talk to cameras? What are the influences and inspirations of the filmmaker?

38 documentarians grapple with these questions and many more in this film about the making of documentary films. It will be enjoyed by documentary practitioners and audiences alike.

This extravagant Web presentation by the National Film Board of Canada includes a preview of a 97-minute documentary on the subject and short clips of interviews with 38 filmmakers from 14 countries. Peruse 163 video clips arranged by subject and topics, which range from pragmatic (audio, editing) to philosophical (ethics, perspectives). Dabble in the wisdom of luminaries such as Errol Morris, Albert Maysles, Kim Longinotto, Rakesha Sharma, Nettie Wild and Werner Herzog.

As director Kevin Macdonald puts it, “Real life is so much more interesting and so much more bizarre than anything you can make up.”

CHANNEL: National Film Board of Canada

Written and Directed by: Pepita Ferrari
Produced by: Michelle van Beusekom
Cinematographer: Marc Gadoury
Editor: Barbara Brown
Original Music: Robert M. Lepage