Broadway’s Unique Child Care

Broadway’s Unique Child Care

When theater workers like Sharon Wheatley of 'Avenue Q' go to work at night, who can take care of their kids? A church? (NYT)

Having access to quality childcare is a concern for all working parents, but for Broadway performers in New York — whose work hours include nights and weekends — organized care is only a dream.

“I work opposite hours from everybody else,” says Sharon Wheatley, a singer who is currently working as an understudy for two roles in the Broadway production of “Avenue Q.” Broadway workers have schedules that don’t match up with “any daycare that exists,” says Wheatley, mother of two children, Charlotte, 11, and Beatrix, 18 months.

According to this New York Times video, help may be on the way from Rev. Richard D. Baker, pastor of St. Malachy’s Catholic Church in the theater district, known as “The Actors Chapel.” Father Baker has consulted with Actor’s Equity and Actor’s Fund, and his Archdiocese is in the planning stages of opening a private childcare facility with flexible hours.

The reality of a facility is still uncertain, however, and parents are frequently leaving a career that they’ve dreamed about since they were little kids because now they can’t afford appropriate care for their own little kids.

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By Michele Monteleone & Susan Dominus