Bowler Exceeds Expectations

Bowler Exceeds Expectations

Cognitively impaired Kolan McConiughey has bowled five perfect games, including last year while competing in the Special Olympics. (Detroit Free Press)

Jan Pardy has raised Kolan McConiughey since he was six, around the time his teenage mother realized she couldn’t care for his severe cognitive disability.

Now 35, McConiughey still lives with his adoptive mother and works as a bagger in an Ann Arbor grocery store. When he isn’t working or sleeping, he’s bowling and he has an amazing gift on the lanes. McConiughey has bowled five perfect games since 2005.

In this Detroit Free Press video, Pardy and others talk about McConiughey and his life and bowling genius. We see him throw strike after strike, and difficult pickup spares. When he was a boy psychologists predicted McConiughey would need to be institutionalized as an adult, but he has proven them wrong.

McConiughey’s name has been in the news recently thanks to Pres. Obama’s gaffe on the Jay Leno show when he jocularly referred to himself as bowling “like Special Olympics or something.” Now some are hoping McConiughey will be invited to bowl at the White House, as he is quite sure he can beat the president.

CHANNEL: Detroit Free Press

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Produced by Brian Kaufman
Reporting by Shawn Windsor