Booming Surrogacy Trade in India

Booming Surrogacy Trade in India

Poor Indian women legally rent their wombs to couples who pay them the equivalent of 10 years of wages. What are the ramifications? (VJ Movement)

India can be the last hope for couples who have failed with other forms of fertility treatments and wish to have children with their own genetic code. Known as “miracle babies,” hundreds of infants are born every year to poor Indian women who rent their wombs for the equivalent of almost 10 years of wages.

For the client, the benefit is a five times lower fee than what they would pay at home for the service, and complete legal rights to the baby as per Indian law. Although some consider this practice exploitation, Dr. Nayna Patel—the cheerful owner of the clinic in the video—points out that the practice is legal, voluntary, and significantly improves the circumstances of the women who carry the babies.

The positive spin of this VJ Movement video begs the question of how often this procedure results in medical issues or other complications. Frequent multiple births are only mentioned in passing as a potentially negative consequence of implanting several embryos to insure success. All the Indian women are shown healthy, smiling and well dressed, and the genetic mothers holding beautiful babies. The only hint of conflict is a comment from one of the surrogate women who admits her “heart hurts” as she gives away the twins she carried.

CHANNEL: VJ Movement

Length: 4:22

Story by Linda Blake