Blackout Poet

Blackout Poet

Austin Kleon steals words from others to pen his unique brand of poetry. (Texas Country Reporter)

Austin Kleon says there’s beauty to be found underneath the death and destruction on every newspaper page. For him, it’s just a matter of finding it.

Kleon is a “blackout poet,” who writes poems by blacking out most of the words on a page of print and leaving just the ones that resonate with him. He begins by scanning an article and looking for an “anchor” word for his poem. Then with a thick, black marker, he covers all the words he doesnít want, to make his creative art form.

This video by the Texas Country Reporter reveals Kleonís process from start to finish with clever close-ups of his word discoveries and sped up footage revealing a poem as it is being built.

Kleon says writer’s block prevented him from becoming a short story writer as planned, but then he realized the words he needed were already written. “Why come up with your own words when there are millions to be had.”

Some days Kleon pens as many as 400 blackout poems which he says are personal stories about himself. A book of his work, “Newspaper Blackout,” is scheduled for publication.

CHANNEL: Texas Country Reporter

Length: 4:58