Bikes to Rwanda

Bikes to Rwanda

A Portland coffee roaster creates an ingenious business arrangement with its Rwandan supplier. Everybody wins.

Lugging huge bags of coffee through the unpaved hills of Rwanda to a processing plant was back-breaking work for the Karaba coffee co-op. This original GOOD Magazine video shows how a collaboration between Karaba and a Portland, Oregon, coffee roaster it supplies has solved that problem, boosted production, and given birth to a new non-profit.

Set to the beats of African hip hop (GOOD is as cool as it is caring), the video documents the non-profit Bikes to Rwanda program that has aided the Rwandan workers in their harvesting efforts with a fleet of specially designed bicycles. Including a brief but informative glimpse at the coffee bean harvesting process, the video explains how the bikes have expedited work while also improving the economic prospects of the workers. A tangible look at the possibilities of small but powerful business innovations in the global market.


Video: Lindsay Utz, Morgan Currie, Daniel Kim, Stefan Nadelman, Nate Goodman, Kyril Cvetkov, Morgan Hobart

Rwandan Video Footage: SPREAD/Identity Africa

Executive Producers: Lindsay Utz and Morgan Currie

Editing: Daniel Kim