Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Severely injured and traumatized combat veterans find support at a four-day healing retreat. (Spokesman-Review)

Many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have problems reintegrating into society. Their experiences of war and trauma often leave them feeling isolated and alone when they get back home. Some are haunted by nightmares and have trouble with their marriages or holding down a job.

“Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” is a four-day event organized by several Spokane, WA, organizations to help pull veterans out of isolation and to provide them with support from their peers.

The retreat in Deer Lake, WA, is focused on bringing together local veterans so they will be able to maintain supportive relationships after the event.

The Spokesman-Review spent two days at the retreat center where 20 severely injured veterans had gathered to share their experiences during four days of healing. The video includes interviews with veterans and social workers and follows them as they do physical team-building activities and the hard emotional work of telling their stories and finding support within the group.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 4:15

Written and Narrated by Kevin Graman
Produced by Colin Mulvany