Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness

In-depth, five-year graphic ground-level retrospective of the Iraq war, as dramatic as anything Hollywood could imagine. (Reuters / MediaStorm)

This is an in-depth, content-heavy, five-year review of the Iraq war, as covered by a team of 100 Reuters photographers, cameramen, and correspondents (in conjunction with MediaStorm). The presentation hides nothing as the pictures and video show significant, graphic images of the war. The introduction is as dramatic as anything Hollywood could imagine, but this is the real stuff.

The video interviews with three Reuters staffers (two bureau chiefs and a staff photographer), each about five to seven minutes, are enhanced by images from the war zone. For those who want more, the Timeline section is jam-packed with content, offering material for every day of the conflict, and there are explanatory maps and dozens of other resources. The documentary has some of the best war photographs seen anywhere. It explains how photojournalists work under the most dangerous conditions.

Nominee, Webby Award 2009, Online Film & Video, News & Politics — Individual Episode

CHANNEL: Reuters / MediaStorm

Photography and video: Reuters photographers and videographers

Project: Ayperi Karabuda Ecer and Jassim Ahmad

Producer: Bob Sacha

Executive Producer: Brian Storm