Bangladesh is Drowning

Bangladesh is Drowning

Rising sea levels threaten this impoverished Asian nation of 160 million people. A 6-part video story. (
Bangladesh is an overpopulated country of 160 million people, and best known for its poverty and natural disasters. More than half the population survives on less than a dollar a day. Wedged between the Indian Ocean to the south and melting glaciers to the north, Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to climate change.

This Web documentary by consists of 6 narrated video stories. The stunning black-and-white images illustrate the story of an impoverished country particularly susceptible to rising sea levels. The videos explore different regions of the country including an island village which has been reduced to mudflats, a slum in the capital Dhaka and an island village where 95 percent of the adult residents are women. is the online version of the Danish daily newspaper Politken which is well known for its high quality photography and design.


By Jonathan Bjerg Moller