All-Dwarf Theme Park: A Human Zoo?

All-Dwarf Theme Park: A Human Zoo?

Is this Chinese tourist attraction a welcome job opportunity or yet another humiliation for a persecuted minority? (VJ Movement)

A theme park near the city of Kunming, China, is either a welcome job opportunity for talented dwarves or yet another humiliation for a persecuted minority, depending on your point of view. “The Kingdom of the Dwarves” houses several hundred Chinese “little people,” who put on a variety show and make handicrafts for the opportunity to live on the park grounds. The only requirement is to be less than 4 feet tall.

This bizarre video features dwarves performing in tutus, karaoke singing to rap music, and randomly frolicking for the few tourists in attendance. The whole enterprise has an air of surreality that is magnified by the Hobbit-like castle and mushroom buildings that are the centerpiece of the park. Adding to the general weirdness, the “Biggest Tree in the World” attraction is actually a huge mass of plastic.

Promoters point out that the seven million dwarves in China face discrimination and have a hard time finding jobs. We are told repeatedly how happy, happy, happy everyone is to be there, although positive comments by tourists and the dwarves seem to be scripted. To add weight to the employment argument, the video crew interviews Wu Xiao Li, famous singer and dwarf activist, who says that show business is truly one of the few options open to them.

CHANNEL: VJ Movement

Length: 6:07

Video by Ana Fuentes and Angel Villarino


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