Airsick: An Industrial Devolution

Airsick: An Industrial Devolution

The issue of global warming is captured in a video created entirely by using 20,000 still images taken over 20 days.

Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk addresses the issue of global warming in this video he created using 20,000 still photographs. Oleniuk spent 20 days photographing the Toronto area, emphasizing sources of pollution from power plants, air travel, automobiles and housing development. The entire selection of black-and-white photographs is presented in time-lapse and flipbook-style sequences in a stark and haunting way. There is no narration, but the video is highlighted with powerful captioned facts and quotes by scientists and politicians about climate change. The project was part of a countdown to “Earth Hour,” an event on March 29, 2008, when cities around the world, including Toronto, turned off their lights for one hour to increase awareness about climate change. This is a beautifully photographed and crafted piece with a chilling message.

Length: 5:19

Concept and Photography: Lucas Oleniuk

Graphics and Production: Bernard Weil

Editing: Scott Simmie

Original music: Randy Risling