Agony of the Aftermath

Agony of the Aftermath

A community struggles to recover and rebuild after the devastating floods of 2007 in Lewis County, WA destroyed their homes and farms. (Centralia Chronicle)

Following a large northwest storm in Dec. 2007, flood waters from the Chehalis River inundated a large region of Lewis County, WA. Thousands of residents were forced from their homes, farms and livestock floated away and a 20-mile stretch of the state’s major highway was closed for several days.

This project by the Centralia Chronicle provides thorough coverage of the aftermath of the “500 Year Flood” of 2007. A series of five short videos chronicles different aspects of the flooding including the use of dams, levees, effects of logging and the personal story of a family of dairy farmers who lost all of their livestock in the floods.

The project weaves together interviews with residents, public officials, the governor and scientists along with striking photographs during and immediately following the disastrous floods. As residents rebuild their homes and their lives, questions remain about how to prevent another such event from occurring in the future.

Multimedia producer Nick George completed this project during his time as a Knight Digital Media Fellow in the Kiplinger program in Public Affairs Journalism at The Ohio State University.

CHANNEL: Centralia Chronicle

Produced by Nick George
Videography by Nick George
Photography by Mike Salsbury, Holly Pederson, Dan Schreiber and Nick George

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