Age of Uncertainty

Age of Uncertainty

Ambitious multi-faceted series tackles issues affecting the rapidly growing elderly population ... and who will care for them. (Roanoke Times)

Roanoke, Virginia’s senior population is one of the largest per capita in the nation, and it is projected that the numbers will nearly double by 2030. This ambitious, multi-faceted series by the Roanoke Times examines how well the area is taking care of their elderly now and what the future may hold. As baby boomers retire, the senior population will be larger than ever, and it is likely there will be large gaps in care.

The series includes a four-part video of a woman taking care of her husband who suffers from dementia, and eight additional videos covering topics such as doctors who make house calls, Meals on Wheels, a home care aid, and the profile of a geriatrician. Along with the videos are accompanying articles, editorials, photo galleries, audio interviews and an interactive map. This enterprising project looks at a range of care options for the elderly, and repeatedly asks the important question: How will we as a society take care of our increasingly aging population? This series received recognition from Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism.

Video: Josh Meltzer

WINNER: Picture of the Year International’s “Documentary Project of the Year”