Africa’s AIDS Orphans

Africa’s AIDS Orphans

A profile of two South African couples who opened their hearts and stretched their resources to give AIDS orphans a family.

This inspirational Christian Science Monitor story from South Africa shows what people can do to take care of others, when they themselves have limited resources. Viewers meet two families who take in children whose family members have died of AIDS.

The Monamodis, who had two children already, found space in their four-room home for six cousins who lost their mothers to AIDS. The Selomas, an older couple whose only son was killed several years ago, took an almost unheard-of step in South Africa and volunteered to be foster parents to an orphaned boy. Now, they hope his sister will eventually be allowed to join him.

The storytelling is simple and direct. It integrates the life of the families with commentary by social workers who helped with the adoptions. The video interview with the subjects adds important detail to the reporting.


Gift and Mary Get a New Home (audio-video slideshow): 2:57

A Young Family Suddenly Grows (audio-video slideshow): 4:14

Video interview with reporter and photographer: 2:31

Photography: Melanie Stetson Freeman

Reporting: Scott Baldauf