A Sloan’s Lake Minute

A Sloan’s Lake Minute

Take a 2.6-mile bike spin around Denver's Sloan's Lake in about a minute in this stylized accelerated video. (Rocky Mountain News)

Located within the city limits of Denver, CO, Sloan’s Lake is a popular destination for walkers, runners, cyclists and inline skaters.

Wes Pope of the Rocky Mountain News zipped around the 2.6 mile bike path in about 11 minutes and then sped up the video to create this even zippier minute-long piece.

Along the way he dinged his bike bell to pass quite a variety of people, dogs, strollers and even a tryke. A triumph of style over substance, this mini-travelog includes urban sounds, interviews with walkers and the ever present ringing of his bike bell. And did we mention the geese?

CHANNEL: Rocky Mountain News

Length: 1:21

Video: Wes Pope