A Privileged Marriage

A Privileged Marriage

Elizabeth Holzer, who is Jewish, married Friedel Pschorr, a wealthy Aryan, which saved her life in Nazi Germany. Now 98, she reflects on their intense love story. (BoingBoing)

The intense love story of Elizabeth Pschorr, who is Jewish, and her German Christian husband Friedel spans World War II from the time they were childhood friends, through their marriage, to their immigration to the U.S. after the war. Elizabeth, now 98, and author of an autobiography about her life under the Nazi regime, recounts her story in her own words, accompanied by snapshots and archival family films taken as early as the 1930s.

This Boing Boing video production came about as a result of Pschorr’s grandson and Boing Boing videographer Jason McHugh’s research into family history. His grandparents’ marriage occurred just before intermarriage between Jews and Germans was banned to “protect Aryan blood,” and their privileged status in the wealthy class protected Elizabeth from the fate of her fellow Jews. The Pschorrs were allowed to live quietly in Germany throughout the war.

Surprisingly, the video spends very little time on Pschorr’s wartime fears as a Jew in Germany, but instead focuses on her relationship with Friedel, who, after daring to marry her in these difficult circumstances, was unfaithful and divorced her to marry another woman. Pschorr wonders “What happened to all this love?” Years later, Friedel and Elizabeth reunited and lived happily until he died. Today, Pschorr lives in California, surrounded by family memorabilia, and reflects on her somewhat charmed life. She often reads the love letters she saved from her courtship with Friedel, and ponders the mysteries of love.

CHANNEL: BoingBoing

Length: 9:00

Camera: Jason McHugh (grandson)
Producer: Dana Devinshire
Editors: Sarah Jones, Wesly Varghese, Eric Mittleman
Reporter: Xeni Jardin


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