A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

The Volunteers of America Family Shelter provides a place for homeless families to stay together. Meet some of the residents.

Millions of families are living in poverty in the U.S., and Kentucky has the fifth highest level of poverty in the nation. Homeless rates are rising, and many of the newly homeless are children.

The Volunteers of America Family Emergency Shelter is the only shelter in Louisville, KY, that allows families to stay together. Usually fathers are required to stay at shelters designated for men.

This series of four short audio slideshows provides portraits of four homeless families who have found a place to call home at the shelter. The stories include interviews with the families and homeless advocates, and are peppered with statistics from the Dept. of Labor and the National Center on Family Homelessness.

The series includes the stories of a married couple with five children, two young single mothers, and a single father of three. This is part of an ongoing project focusing on homelessness in Louisville, Ky.

Produced by Angela Shoemaker