A No-Pants Subway Ride

A No-Pants Subway Ride

Stripping to your skivvies on public transit has become an annual event in 44 cities around the world. Follow one intrepid soul on his half-naked journey.(Time)

Wearing a jacket and tie, New York City resident Andres Lopez joined thousands of others on a chilly workday recently as he boarded a subway train and proceeded to undress. It’s a prank now practiced annually in at least 44 cities around the globe, organized and coordinated by the Improv Everywhere group.

This Time video follows Lopez on his subway journey, changing trains, waiting pantless on the platform and eventually congregating with others for a celebration rally in Union Square. We even see him in the embarrassing surprise situation of unexpectedly bumping into an old college friend.

On the subway some riders avert their eyes, others laugh and one person asks Lopez directly if he isn’t cold. “Oh no, I’m from Canada,” he quips without cracking a smile.

While Time chose to follow a participant, the Seattle Times found a different angle for covering the same story – following an innocent observer. Startled at first by the number of pantless riders on the light rail train, this out-of-town visitor asks the riders why they’re all wearing boxers. When asked the question in reverse, “Why are you wearing pants?” he decides to join in the fun in Seattle’s first-ever “No Pants! Light Rail Ride.”


Length: 2:40

Producer/Editor: Natasha Del Toro
Camera: Jacob Templin