A Life Alone

A Life Alone

After 63 years of marriage, Tom Rose shares his perspective as a depressed widower struggling to face life on his own. (Soul of Athens)

Tom Rose and his wife Mary built a life together in their home in Ohio. Since Mary’s death last year, Tom has sunk into a depression of loneliness. Surrounded by photos and memories, he says she’s a part of everything he looks at.

Presented in black-and-white, this story combines video interviews with Rose, old family photos and scenes from his life alone. As he struggles to adapt to this new and different time, he holds on to the hope that life will get easier — but for now his grief is acute. “You try to live your life like you used to, and the ‘used to’ isn’t there.”

This story is part of the 2009 Soul of Athens project produced by students at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. The Soul of Athens is an annual online publication studying the contrasts of this Appalachian county through a collection of stories and multimedia presentations.

CHANNEL: Soul of Athens

Length: 4:58

Photography, Videography, Audio and Production: Maisie Crow
Senior Producer: Jennifer Poggi


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