A Good Life; A Good Death

A Good Life; A Good Death

When Henry Elliot's cancer treatments stopped being effective, the quality of his final days improved dramatically with the help of hospice care. (AARP)

Henry Elliot battled the cancer in his body with a series of treatments for 15 years. When the treatments stopped being effective, his health deteriorated and he suffered from acute pain.

A family member recommended a hospice to help the family with the burden of managing all of details of Elliot’s care. Soon after being admitted to the program, he was receiving care at home from a nurse, a social worker, a chaplain and a home health aide. His quality of life greatly improved.

With a team of hospice professionals providing medical support, Elliot’s family had room to care for his personal needs, including planning a family gathering to celebrate his life and arranging a visit with his 102-year old mother.

This audio slideshow by AARP is an intimate portrait of a man facing his death with his loving family and caregivers at his side. The slideshow covers the last few weeks of his life and includes interviews with Elliot, his wife, his son and hospice staff.


Length: 7:44

Photographed by Karen Kasmauski
Audio by John Ogulnik
Edited by Carol Devoe
Producer: Julie Winokur