World’s Speediest Sport Stacker

World’s Speediest Sport Stacker

With lightning fast hands, 11-year-old Steven Purugganan sets a new record in this quirky sport -- and shares his winning strategy. (Time)

Arrange 12 lightweight plastic cups into various formations, build pyramids and break them down in a predetermined sequence. Now do it over and over again in rapid-fire time. Welcome to the world of Sport Stacking.

Though you may have never heard of it, this organized sport is becoming increasingly popular at schools and recreation centers worldwide.

This Time video introduces world champion Steven Purugganan, 11, who broke the world record for up-and-down stacking six pyramids in just over six seconds in 2008. That win earned him an endorsement deal from McDonald’s.

When fellow stackers send him YouTube videos of their routines asking for advice, Purugganan tells them that the keys to his success are keeping a light touch… and practice.


Length: 4:15

Producer: Craig Duff
Reporter: S. James Snyder