Wardak Soldiers: On Foot Patrol

Wardak Soldiers: On Foot Patrol

Watch the personal stories of American troops in Afghanistan, coping with the dangerous daily task of loosening the grip of the Taliban. (AP)

Just outside of Kabul, Afghanistan’s Wardak province is a rural region under the control of the Taliban. American soldiers posted there find themselves fighting a ghostly enemy that strikes with roadside bombs and then vanishes – blending back into the local population.

This AP documentary presents the personal stories of a group of soldiers deployed in Wardak. Divided into eight short segments, the video weaves together interviews and footage of the men’s lives there.

Through the interviews, the young men reflect upon a range of topics from why they are in Afghanistan, facing death, what keeps them going, their fears and missing home and loved ones.
While their job there is dangerous and serious, they also express appreciation for the region’s beauty and the kindness of villagers is shown as a local man brings tea to a soldier on a patrol. “If people weren’t here trying to kill us, it would be a beautiful place to come and visit.”

Video chapters: Wardak Soldiers; Soldiers’ Sacrifice; Afghanistan; Thoughts; Lessons of War; Facing Death; The World Today; Meet the Wardak Soldiers.

CHANNEL: Associated Press

By Raul Gallego Abellan
Photos by Rafiq Maqbool