Vacationing in Afghanistan

Vacationing in Afghanistan

Two filmmakers travel through stunning landscapes to show a side of this war-torn country rarely seen by westerners.

Filmmakers Aaron Rockett and John Monte traveled to Afghanistan in 2006 to cover democratic elections in Kabul. At the end of their assignment, they decided to take a vacation in this war-torn land to see the beautiful countryside they had heard so much about.

Produced by Rockett and Monte, this short film begins with what they call a “brain bruising” 10-hour drive by truck from Kabul to Bamiyan to the site of a 1,000-year old giant Buddha which was destroyed by the Taliban. The film is more than a travel video but avoids issues of the war and politics. Instead it focuses on spontaneous encounters with people the filmmakers meet along the way.

A man appears out of nowhere to talk to them about their trip and when they ask a young boy for directions he jumps in their truck to show them the way, even though it means leaving his dog behind to find his way home.

This is a land and a people rarely seen by westerners except in relation to the war on terror. This short film is a quiet tribute to the stunning beauty of Afghanistan often overshadowed by the bad news coming from there.

Length: 15:01

Producer, Writer, and Editor: Aaron Rockett
Camera and Editing: John Monte