Undercover Karaoke with Jewel

Undercover Karaoke with Jewel

Disguised as a frumpy businesswoman, the pop star triumphantly performs some of her classic songs to an unsuspecting but completely dumbfounded audience.(Funny or Die)

Though this short video is intended to document a celebrity prank by a well-known humor site, it has all the hallmarks of a solid videojournalism story, both technically and in terms of dramatic narrative.

Using “undercover” footage, interspersed with genuine interviews with both Jewel and the unsuspecting karaoke patrons, it’s a real-life play in four acts, set at the real-life Gas Lite Karaoke bar.

In “Step 1: The Disguise,” we watch Jewel get made up with a fake nose, wig and prosthetic derriere, so that she’s unrecognizable. Her new identity is “Karen,” a frumpy middle-aged exec accompanied by colleagues fresh from a business convention.

In “Step 2: The Crew,” we meet the actors who play her business associates, with laminated nametags from a fictitious frozen-foods convention, who are of course in on the charade. They take turns at the mike, and finally entice Karen to take her turn in the spotlight.

“Step 3: Karen’s Big Moment,” shows the crowd going nuts when the mild-mannered stranger achieves her Susan Boyle-like moment, belting out a Jewel tune like a real pro. Stunned, the regulars clamor for her to do an encore — a Gas Lite first — and she obliges with another popular Jewel song. Again, she’s a big hit.

In “Step 4: The Reveal,” Jewel takes off her disguise backstage, and emerges as herself, royalty among her subjects, obliging the adoring crowd with a few more of her own songs. Some karaoke patrons are so overwhelmed by the double-whammy performances — of You Were Meant for Me, Who Will Save Your Soul, Foolish Games — they still don’t realize that Karen and Jewel are indeed the same person.

CHANNEL: Funny or Die

Length: 6:48

Created by Eric Appel
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
2nd Camera: Kevin Stewart
AC: Brian Lane
Sound: BoTown Sound
Makeup/Effects: Alexei O’Brien
Wardrobe: Leslie Schilling
Producers: Ally Hord, Sean Boyle
Editor: Kevin Oeser
Executive Producer: Mike Farah