Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey

Train Jumping: A Desperate Journey

Hundreds of thousands cross the 753-mile border that separates Mexico from Guatemala and Belize, to begin a life-threatening 1,500-mile odyssey to the U.S.

A growing number of men and women migrants from Central and South America are hopping onto moving northbound freight trains to reach the U.S. where they can earn money to send back to their impoverished families.

This award-winning collection of audio clips and photo slideshows from the The Palm Beach Post (offered in both English and Spanish) shows why people risk their lives to hop on a northbound train, and how dangerous their journeys can be. Dodging violent gangs and immigration authorities is a constant battle. The trip north can take weeks or months, and many are caught and sent back — some with missing limbs or even dead. This visually arresting seven-part presentation reveals the cruel reality of catching a train — a desperate search for a better life can tragically result in migrants being crippled for the rest of their lives.

Pictures of the Year International Competition Winner, Best Multimedia News Story or Essay, Third Place.

Length: 7 segments, ranging from about 1 to 3 minutes.

Photography: Gary Coronado

Reporting: Gary Coronado, Christine Evans

Audio Recording: Gary Coronado, Christine Evans, Will Sullivan

Online Photo Editor: Jennifer Podis

Script Writing: Christine Evans, Will Sullivan

Audio Editing: Will Sullivan

Narration: Christine Evans

Web Production, Online Project Editor: Will Sullivan

Spanish Translation: Ana Valdes

Translation Voiceovers: Justin Gilken, Mary Kate Leming, Will Sullivan


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