Vacationing in Afghanistan
Two filmmakers travel through stunning landscapes to show a side of this war-torn country rarely seen by westerners.
Abby Sunderland's Quest
A 16-year-old California girl sets out to complete a solo nonstop sailing trip around the world ... and to break her brother's record. (LAT)
Living Galapagos
Student-produced collection of multimedia stories explores the balance between man and nature in the Galapagos Islands. (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Napa Valley's Yodelmeister
Alan Arnopole entertains customers with his wine-vat yodel and wine-themed comedy routine at a vineyard tasting room. (SF Chronicle)
Journey Along the Border
At the intersection of the U.S. and Mexico, a travelog of two countries embroiled in ever-escalating issues of migration and drug violence. (WP)
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
Two ordinary guys from New York retrace the 13th-century adventurer's entire 25,000-mile land-and-sea route from Venice to China and back. (American Public Television)
Hard Times
Coast-to-coast travel videoblog explores how Americans are coping with the economic downturn -- and how it may influence their vote.
Boomtown: The Sin City Story
Ambitious eleven-part video documentary takes a decade-by-decade look at the growth and evolution of Las Vegas over the past century.
Zora Neale Hurston's Hometown Legacy
The most famous female writer of the Harlem Renaissance angered her community of Eatonville, Fla. After her death, she rescued it.
Flight School Confidential
A travel reporter puts on the uniform and takes a behind-the-scenes look at American Airlines flight attendant training.